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CUSTOM GUN 2017 #15



CUSTOM GUN 2017 #15

Stealth Melt G43

  • Pyramid Slide Cuts
  • Stealth Melt Rounding of Slide
  • Graphite Black Cerakote Refinish on Slide and Frame
  • Pyramid Trigger Kit
  • Trijicon HD Yellow Night Sights
  • Vickers Extended Slide Release
  • Precision Extended Slide Lock
  • Stainless Steel Pin Kit in Black
  • Trigger Guard Rounding
  • Glock Knuckle Cut
  • Magazine Button Scallop
  • Palm Swell Reduction
  • Finger Groove Removal
  • Frame Smoothing

Please Note:

The price of this custom build is based on the model GLOCK pistol, custom features, and finishes you select. The price shown is for estimating purposes only. Each custom build is unique and we invite you to call and speak with our custom gun specialists to allow us to build the exact customization you desire for your GLOCK pistol. We can customize a GLOCK pistol you already own or a brand new GLOCK pistol you purchase from Glockstore. Again, please call for complete details, ideas for customization and pricing. Shown here is an example of an actual GLOCK pistol that we customized for one of our customers. buy tactical  knives



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